Really? You clicked on "About" like there's something interesting here. I'm told there must be a few words, so let me see... How does this sound?

 I was born in a small town in Arkansas and grew up doing small mid-western town-y things. I had two brothers, a mother, and a step-father. I never knew my blood father, which we're both probably happy about. I know I am, at least. Better he should leave before I can remember him than after.

 The chance of me going to college after high school was nil. There wasn't enough money, so I did the next rational thing. Like in most high schools, the military recruiters started visiting toward the end of the year. When I was a senior, it was the Marine Corps representative who showed up first. I talked to him, found out what kind of a deal I could get for signing over part of my life. Then I went home and told my parents. The first words out of my step-fathers mouth were "You will never make it."

 Quite naturally, this sealed my fate and I never talked to the other recruiters. There's been some wonderful stories about what people did in the military. All I'm going to say about my time in uniform is that every recruit signs this little piece of paper called a nondisclosure form. It essentially says that an individual will not talk about their time in the military. I signed it, giving my word I would not talk about it. Therefore I'm not going to. Take that as you will.

 Afterwards I returned to my hometown. Things had gotten smaller, but I still had bills to pay, so I went to work. During that time I met a wonderful woman. The relationship ended after ten years. And all I'm going to say about her is that I wish her all the happiness she deserves. It was during that relationship, and after the breakup that I started writing down the random thoughts that would peak over the horizon of my consciousness. During this time I also discovered the Northwest Arkansas Writers' Workshop, and a whole new world blossomed under my fingertips. Without them I would not be where I am today.

 While I'm clapping people on the back, I've certainly got to give Oghma Creative Media its share of Hail Marys. Without them you would be doing something more constructive with your time right nowi.e. without them this page, and so very much more, wouldn't be here.

 But where am I today? Still living in my hometown, just my cat and Ia fact which pleases both of us. Or I assume it pleases her. She's a cat so sometimes its hard to tell. And now that you've read this bit of trivia, off you go, back to whatever you were doing before you accidentally clicked on this link.