Not to long ago I was at my day job, and something interesting happened. There was a young woman doing a fairly mindless task. She looked up at me and sighed. “Surely my time is more important than this.”

I have to admit to some surprise. It wasn’t her time. It had been bought and paid for. Or would be paid for. Whatever the set up, when she made the agreement to work, she sold her time to the boss. How he used it was entirely up to him.

But time is a funny thing anyway. We know it exists, but its so fundamental to existence science can find no way to provide evidence of it. What one point it was thought to be a figment of the human mind, a way to organize perception so that reality can be dealt with.  (I think) the current theory is that time is a temporal dimension, something like, and as fundamental as, height, width, and depth.

But regardless of what sort of thing time really is, there is one thing it definitely isn’t – a renewable resource. It’s amazing how many things are. When we run low on money, we work to get more. Sunlight can provide nearly infinite electricity. An abundance of plants can provide clean, fresh air. If you stop and think about it there’s very little in our lives that is not a renewable resource. Except for time.

No matter how much we would like to, we don’t get a redo for any given moment. Nor has anyone figured out how to get more than their allotted amount. Because it is not renewable, time is perhaps the singular most valuable resource we have.

Which brings us back around to the young woman who thought her time was so precious she sold it to someone else. Maybe there was something better she could be doing. Maybe it was wrong that someone was wasting her time.



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