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Webster’s Dictionary (Dictionary.com) defines truth as “the true or actual state of a matter”. The problem is, after a certain point, there is no “truth”. A simple example is the towel that sits on the counter in my kitchen. If you were to ask me, I would tell you it’s blue. Ask my roommate and he will assuredly tell you it’s sapphire. Not a lot of difference, is there? In the long run both of those statements are different ways of saying “approximately a specific color or shade of color”.

Evidence can go a long way toward determining the “true state of a matter”. But even evidence can be spun, distorting the angle it is viewed at, and in turn changing “truth”. For example, when Bill Clinton stood before congress and declared that he “did not have sex with that woman”. America was surprised to learn a blow job really wasn’t sex. A different approach might have been for Clinton to stand up and reply: “There are only three people that should be concerned with who I had sex with – me, my wife, and the person with whom I allegedly had relations with.” I maintain that if Clinton had said just that, at the time, Congress would have nodded their head and agreed, leading the way for the rest of America to agree. Making the truth irrelevant.

The amazing thing is, truth varies with the listener. A while back I heard a story about a couple, let’s call them Husband and Wife, and someone Wife knew. Let’s call him Number Two. In the summer Husband and Wife had an argument, and Wife started seeing Number Two. As I understand the story, Wife told Number Two she had left Husband. So it wasn’t exactly an appropriate relationship, but it really wasn’t illicit either.

According to Number Two the couple did a lot more than kiss. That there were times when Wife told him he would have to wait until the kids were asleep. He didn’t realize it at the time, but “the kids” also included Husband. Supposedly there were times when Wife stayed at a friend’s, and Number Two met her there. Ultimately, according to Number Two, he realized Husband was still at the house and ended the relationship. He claims that’s when Wife got pissed and told Husband a half-truth. He maintains Husband is a coward, and Wife is a liar, and they deserve each other.

Wife works in a public place. She claims they were only friends, and he often came to see her at work. She claims that one day he got carried away and tried to kiss her. She, being the dutiful wife, told her husband and Husband got pissed. What’s not explained is how Number Two knows her phone number, where she lives, and several other intimate details about her life that a “dutiful wife” wouldn’t give a stranger.

Husband, naturally enough, believes Wife’s version of events and is very upset about this masher. He also claims that Number Two never offered to meet him at any time or place of Husband’s choosing so they could “discuss” events.

So where’s the truth in that story?

Depends on who you want to listen to.