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Is the War of the Sexs Dead?

This is the actual dialog from a Microsoft commercial that (as far as I know) aired August 2015.


Who knows?

One of these kids might just be the one.

The one to find a cure.

To clean the oceans.

Lead a country.

Bring water to their village.

Write the next masterpiece.

Or open a school.

Explore a new planet.

Or be the next Davinci.

It may not be obvious, but one of these kids are going to change the world.

We don’t know who it is.

We just need to make sure…

She has what she needs.

Welcome to Windows 10.

The future starts now…

For all of us.

As a side note to Microsoft—get your English correct. You’re talking about a single child changing the world. Therefore the correct statement is “but one of these kids is going to change the world.” But what the hell. Why should programmers making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year worry about correct grammar.

It’s that fourth line from the bottom that really caught my attention. It comes at a point that ninety percent of adults have already tuned out the message. It is only a commercial, after all. But in that one sentence it managed to cut out over half the population in everything that came before. It manages to assure the world that the next person to change the world will be a female. In fairness, it might be. It might not, too.

It can be argued this commercial was set up this way because most ads are aimed at females. Over eighty percent, in fact. That’s because, in most households, it’s left to the woman to work out the budgetary requirements of the home. Aside from a few man-toys a male doesn’t really care where the money goes so long as the bills get paid on time and there are no major bumps.

Even our entertainment is starting to cater to the female. As little as twenty years ago the lead in a film was almost universally male. And then writers realized that a male/female joint lead attracted a much wider audience. And today, how many films have a female lead with a male co-star? What will it be like in another twenty years? Will the pendulum continue to swing, or will it come back the other way?

There was a time when the War of the Sexes was centered directly on simple issues like equal rights. But then again, a woman once told me that she wanted to be paid the same, have the same opportunities, responsibilities, etc. And that I am all for. But when she went on to say that she still wanted men to hold the door and put her up on a pedestal, I started to wonder if what she wanted was equal rights, or a new brand of servant.

Don’t get me wrong there. I, for one, would love to find some wealthy woman who’s willing to go off to work and leave me at home. I would gladly clean house, go grocery shopping, take care of the kids and write in my free time if it meant not being in the work force. (Then again, as a general rule, I’m not real fond of people as a whole.)

In fact, some experts are claiming that the Sex Wars are over. Many sociological groups are taking huge steps in the right directions. Right now there are still a vast number of shortfalls, but some people are saying that in as little as fifty years the winner will be clear. Why fifty years? Because the snowball is rolling, and once started it’s going to be hard to stop.

Some SF writers feel strongly about that point. They tend to believe that any technologically advanced civilization must be a matriarchy. The reasons vary but, in general, it comes down to women being more social and less inclined to a club. I’ll agree there. Women don’t beat an enemy into submission. They tend to go for poison.

So, is the War of the Sexes over? It is for my generation. They’ve figured out they need each other. But the funny thing about that, there’s a whole new generation right behind mine who apparently has to figure it out all over again.